New Baltimore Police Department Reserve Police Officers Establishing the New Baltimore Police Officers Volunteer Reserve Unit which is authorized in the 11-12-1973 City of New Baltimore’s Charter, Sec. 7.18 Functions of the Police Department; Subsection [g], which enacted the “Chief of Police to appoint and maintain” for the establishment of a complement of volunteer citizens to be trained to assist the regular sworn officers of the New Baltimore Police Department. This classification of volunteers is not designed, nor intended, to replace a sworn "Regular Officer" but to supplement them. Reserve Officers Duties:

  • • Supporting Patrol Operations
  • • Major case search & rescue/recovery
  • • Funeral details
  • • Supplemented park patrols
  • • Security in city owned (buildings, grounds and parks)
  • • State of emergency situations /support functions during limited staffing
  • • Secondary road patrol with a sworn regular officer
  • • Parades/ community policing programs / public relation details
  • • Anchor Bay School District events
  • • Crime prevention programs
  • • To assist in the transport & search of gender specific prisoners