Hello, I’m Karen Winter, the New Baltimore Police Department Chaplain since 2004.

As chaplain, I provide invocations and prayers at ceremonial functions, serve the community, assist officers in difficult assignments such as death notification or domestic violence, offer a listening ear while maintain confidentiality to the officers, celebrate life’s joyful moments, and mourn those times when life brings deep pain.

I pledge availability to the needs of law enforcement officers and victims of crime I subject my life and office to the scrutiny of accountability to ensure integrity I offer professionalism of service, including confidential listening and spiritual counsel.

As chaplain, I adhere to these pillars: to be accessible and available 24/7, to continue to better myself through training, to be professional and non-political, and to be visible and confidential.

New Baltimore has been home most of my life. After graduating from Anchor Bay High School, I married and lived in Louisiana, New Jersey, and Ohio before returning to New Baltimore 15 years ago. I have three children and three grandchildren. I am a graduate of SMIT (bible school), and am licensed for ministry through Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association. My church home is Salt River Christian Church, and I’m the founder and director of LOGIA (Love of God in Action), a non-profit food and clothing pantry and outreach ministry.

As a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC), I have completed countless hours of training at conferences in Texas, Indiana, and Michigan. In February 2010, I graduated from the Public Service Chaplain Academy and have also been certified in Heartsaver First Aid.

My greatest passion is to serve people and as a law enforcement chaplain to serve the department, officers & families. As a member of ICPC I follow these core values: I respect and honor the badge and the men and women who have earned the right to wear it.

Karen Winter, Chaplain
John Jambriska, Chaplain
James Friedman, Chaplain/Reserve Officer