Evidence Technicians and Accident Investigations
Accident Investigators

Through documentation, reconstruction, and photography, our Accident Investigators analyze accident scenes resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

The NBPD has three current Accident Investigators who are available to process scenes. All three have attended advanced training programs at the Macomb Criminal Justice Training Center, hosted by instructors from the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety -- noted experts in the fields of traffic engineering, accident reconstruction and vehicle dynamics.

All accident scenes are treated as crime scenes until proven otherwise.

Evidence Technicians

The New Baltimore Police Evidence Technician Division is comprised of two officers.

Our Crime Scene Investigators had to attend an intense 80 hour class involving latent finger print examination, photography, crime scene sketching, laser training, evidence recovery, and evidence document techniques. This schooling is required on top of the initial crime scene investigation classes given during the 16 weeks of the basic police academy.

Our C.S.I. team is responsible for maintaining crime scene integrity, properly collecting evidence, documenting incidents through proven methods, and establishing scientific facts surrounding crimes.